Self Service Application For The National Trust

The National Trust are a UK conservation and protection charity. They protect places of historic importance and beautiful countryside, opening them up and making them accessible for the public to enjoy.

As part of a large System Simplification Project, The Trust wanted to provide a web based membership Self Service application. The application would allow members to perform routine membership maintenance such as changes to contact details, delivering an enhanced membership experience, reduced operational costs to the Call Centre, and increased data quality in the CRM. The application would also be a key enabler to other National Trust applications to achieve a cohesive single view of memberships.

This was Clarity Software Solution’s second engagement with The National Trust, and we were delighted to be an integral part of the team and the successful delivery of the project.

The National Trust had a large established Oracle CRM. A key requirement of the project was to provide access to and leverage the data within Oracle CRM, whilst increasing the quality of the data held. In addition, the 24/7 web application was to provide a minimum level of service during times when the CRM was unavailable for maintenance.

A modern web application was developed adhering to The Trust’s new branding and corporate identity. The application was a conventional Spring MVC application, built using Java 8, Spring 4 framework, Thymeleaf as the view templating layer, and standards compliant HTML5 and CSS3.

A suite of REST APIs and service layer applications was developed in Java and Spring technologies, providing internal applications unified secure access to membership and account information hosted in Oracle CRM.